Week 5 Most Added Fantasy Football Players

The fantasy football owners of the world want more points, more production, more value…who do they feel has it this week?

Nate Washington (Owned – 40.3%, Change +29.2%)

The Tennessee Titans continue to be a team in flux. While fantasy football options like Chris Jonson and Jake Locker have disappointed, Nate Washington seems to be picking up more and more speed. The last two weeks have capped off a great start to the first quarter of this fantasy football season. Against San Diego week three he grabbed 8 catches for over 130 yards. Last week, versus a decent New York Jet’s passing defense, he four catches for 105 yards and two touchdowns.

Kenbrell Thompkins (Owned – 77.0%, Change +28.8%)

Kenbrell Thompkins has found a way to turn it up. Most of this has been a fluctuating New England Patriot’s offense that has had some fantasy football owners pulling out their hair! Who to start this week at wide-out? What about running back? Over the past two weeks, Thompkins has scored about 35 fantasy points; enough to place him in the top ten in fantasy wideouts in scoring. With Amendola coming back this week, things may change. But Dobson, nor any other receivers for the Patriots are producing…which should mean fantasy points, especially with Thompkins being Tom Brady’s short yardage red-zone receiver of choice.

Philip Rivers (Owned – 77.2%, Change +24.3%)

Philip Rivers is still making fantasy football owners regret not grabbing him in the draft. This year he has thrown for nearly 1200 yards and has a touchdown to interception ratio of 11 to 2. The trend looked to be a 400 yard game thrown between sub-20 yard performances. However, this week, Rivers and the San Diego offense gets to see the Oakland Raiders, a team, obviously, not suited for the Chargers. With Danny Woodhead becoming a great receiving running back for the Chargers and Antonio Gates playing like he did years ago, look for Rivers’ numbers, and ‘owned’ status to keep rising.

LeGarrette Blount (Owned – 24.7%, Change +22.6%)

Blount is in a pickle right now. In New England, the running back corps has turned into a nuclear core of volatility for fantasy football owners; who will start, who will succeed, who will suck? Over the last two weeks, through some trials, Blount has managed to rush for over 60 yards on average, with last week seeing him find the end-zone. He was added over 44,000 times this week!

Bilal Powell (Owned – 67.8%, Change +13.8%)

Except for week one versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Powell is good for either a touchdown and some yardage, or over a 100 yard game from scrimmage. We talk about consistency all the time in fantasy football circles…this is a fantasy football player who won’t average 20+ points a week off of 120 yards on the ground and two touchdowns. What he has done is gone from waiver wire possibility to RB2 / FLEX1 status on a lot of public leagues.

Le’Veon Bell (Owned – 68.3%, Change +12.7%)

It’s hard to deny what Bell could do on a working Pittsburgh offense. Unfortunately, this was a return game from an injury, and Pittsburgh keeps getting hit with more and more dirt at injury and inconsistent play; this past week from a poor offensive line, bad throws and decisions by Big Ben, and drops from Steelers wide-outs. What to do about Bell? I say pick him up, if you can. After all, he is a Steelers running back. At the end of the day, that still means something for fantasy football owners…if anything, it could mean trade bait after a few weeks!

Danny Woodhead (Owned – 87.7%, Change +12.5%)

We told ya, “hide your wife, hide your kids, Danny Woodhead ain’t hitting the skids.” Okay, maybe not quite in that manor, but for most fantasy football owners, non-PPR fantasy leagues included, Woodhead is about as safe and consistent as they come right now. And just a heads up…when his fantasy football numbers in yardage don’t get better (talk about consistent – a 31 / 55 game two weeks ago, and a 32 / 54 last week!), his touchdowns do. Over the last two weeks, Woodhead has scored 32 points for his fantasy football owners. Were you one of the lucky 12.5% to grab him this week?

Willis McGahee (Owned – 28.9%, Change +11.8%)

A lot of people saw Thursday Night’s game as a coming out party for the smoking, changed, interestingly available Cleveland Browns. What it turned into was a mess for Brian Hoyer owners. However, McGahee was an incredible bright spot on that marred night. 70+ yards rushing and a touchdown in the winning effort. Look for his 28.9% ownership to hit 50% by next week’s games.

Brandon LaFell (Owned – 10.1%, Change +7.8%)

Why was LaFell picked up so much this week? Most fantasy football owners see worth in taking a chance on this 4th year wide receiver. And rightfully so for a waiver wire pickup…in the last two season LaFell has averaged over 640 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns. What I like about him is that he had his ‘game’ in week four; plenty of time to grab him early, sit on him and wait and see. Two touchdowns for an NFL team’s WR2 doesn’t mean too much, but if he can grab another, there might be a trend to find in there somewhere and take advantage of.

Kellen Winslow (Owned – 13.7%, Change +7.6%)

When he plays, and is catching, Winslow can get a lot of yardage. He has two 70+ yard games a tight end on the Jets this year. Does that speak to you? This 9-year veteran will be facing Atlanta and then Pittsburgh – two teams that can keep some production up for him. If the o-line of the Jets is in place and playing well, Winslow might even be able to switch around that poor performance against the Patriots in week two; the Jets host the Patriots in week 7.

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