What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy football is an interactive game involving real NFL players virtually owned by players in a group, or league. Based on the real NFL players’ statistics and output each week in the NFL, those virtual owners will gain points for their “teams”.

Chances are, you already know that, right?

To me, this is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Some might say that it is a role-playing game for jocks. Others think of it as one of the fastest growing games in the U.S.

Better yet, fantasy football is the simplest way to meet new and interesting people…as explained in this enlightening video.

Ok, so maybe playing in a league isn’t so much about these people. Maybe you actually want to win a few games and not just laugh at people. Maybe you want to get into the playoffs? Hell, maybe you want to win a league championship this season!?!

Then, welcome to the Fantasy Football Toolkit

What can we do for you? What do we offer?

Here, you can learn to get started in fantasy football. I’m not kidding. If you are a complete, and a pure rookie to playing, you will get wins. You might not have any idea of what the waiver wire is, or what the difference between a sleeper and a rookie is.

Drafting Strategy Explained

For instance, if you are worried about your first league draft, and need drafting strategies but don’t know who to ask, we have you taken care of. In our first video tutorial guide, I show you how to get started with your fantasy player rankings.

Not only do I cover player rankings and ranks, and how to sort those NFL players into digestible and sortable lists, but also about how to do player projections and predictions. It’s a fairly easy way to create your own cheat sheets for your league and depth charts per position.

Fantasy Football Toolkit - How to do fantasy football rankings and tiering

From here, you might want to take a gander at my video guide on fantasy ranking and tiers. Not only do I further how to make projections on your players by position, but also how to groups similar stats and points to create tiers that you will need for your drafting.

What about during the season?

Two words…the waiver wire. Free agency is important in this game. And because it is, and to get better at grabbing those undervalued studs and sleepers each week from the waiver wire, I’ve created a weekly game for players to play.

Winning with the Wire is a waiver wire game I created for new players, and veterans alike, to get better at seeing talent and doing better projections with regards to waivers. Simply use NFL.com to see who are those NFL players owned in 50% or less of fantasy football leagues throughout the season.

Who to start or sit?

Throughout the season, you will constantly get tips on who to start or sit, as well as studs and duds, keepers and dumpers and a lot more. This kind of fantasy football help will keep you up to date as to which NFL players will have a great matchup.

Speaking of matchups, I also write a weekly FanDuel challenge article for those playing in weekly fantasy football challenges. These types of leagues are salary cap leagues where the owner must pick players each week from salary cap draft boards. Those players have their points added, and at the end of the week, the teams are deleted, and if you get the highest points, you win!

The Fantasy Football Toolkit Podcast

Each week, you can also check out the Fantasy Football Toolkit Podcast. Everything in the world of fantasy football will be discussed, including studs and duds, past week results, projections and predictions for the upcoming week in the NFL and a ton more.

Also, this year, I’ll be adding an additional set of podcasts to the schedule. So, each day, come back for a new broadcast about drafting strategy, trade values, tiering and ranking players, who made the power rankings, what the best football advice and help is and much, much more!

And, what if…

What if you win right? Well, I know what to do…

Winning the fantasy football championship!

You will most likely be in need of a trophy. Possibly an award to show off to your co-workers about how your football knowledge surpasses theirs in just about every way? Maybe even a championship belt or a ring to show, I am the top dog in my league this season!

At those times, and by becoming a member of the site, I’m imaging you will be taking part in those celebrations of championship success, you can check out my guide on fantasy football trophies. In the guide, we look at perpetual trophies, single season awards and much, much more.

This is a ‘toolkit’, so where are the tools?

You’re right! Check out the tools here.

From analytical tools like trending and projection tools, down to some fun ones like the fantasy football team name generator and the theme song selector, we’ll keep you busy.

To Recap, because everyone likes a summary…

To summarize, you will rule the world of this great sport by visiting this site. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but don’t be surprised if you move from novice into expert drafting expert, waiver wire guru or the best at doing projections, predictions and rankings amongst your friends.

And as for fun…check out the awards show from the end of this past NFL season. We celebrated each position, and the best and worst, the studs and duds, the rookies of power and the duds of failure in this past year.

Subscribe for some awesome rankings and depth charts news, come back for some great podcasts, tutorials and downloadable and printable cheat sheets and let your friends know where you got your trade help and starter advice on your path to win your championship in your league this season!